Ken Klemm

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I joined my first MLM in 1974 while in college. Having
no car, I rode buses all over the East Coast toting my
blackboard and overnight bag. I drew circles and built
a Team the hard way.

In 2005, being physically disabled, I turned to the
Internet to create income from home. I joined various
affiliate programs, scams and Ponzi schemes - I even
helped create a few.

After all fell apart again in 2007, someone sent me
Michael Dlouhy’s e-book, “Success in 10 Steps”. I was
amazed by the insights and truth Michael revealed.

But the book was about MLM, and my initial reaction
was, “Oh no, I don’t want to do MLM again!”

Once I examined Michael’s philosophy and system, I
realized, “This could work!”

So, within two years of plugging into the free
Mentoring For Free training, I had built an MLM Team on
three continents - without ever leaving my house...

...And I NEVER persuaded anyone to join me!

~ Ken Klemm, Spring Hill, Florida